Car Brake Discs, Pads and Drums

If your car brake discs, pads or drums have become worn and need replacing, bring your car to us. We source quality, manufacturer-approved parts and can fit them quickly and affordably. Brake wear, when left unattended, can cause excess heat. damage other components and even cause your brakes to fail. Very dangerous! Prevention is far better than a cure and we offer competitive rates to keep costs down. Whether a car, van or 4×4, we can swap out your depleted pads and discs and even change drum brake systems to keep you motoring safely. Book your vehicle in or pop by to get a quote.

Brake Pads and Discs

Pads and discs naturally wear with prolonged use. Signs that they may need changing include:

If components become excessively worn and caused damage, then you may need more costly garage repairs. So, don’t leave them unchecked. Bring your car to us for a timely replacement and spare yourself more expensive repairs in the future.

Drum Brake Replacement

More common in older vehicles, if you require a drum brake replacement we can help here too! Signs your drum brake shoes need changing may include:

Again, if your drum brake shoe wears so low that only the metal is left, this can cause more substantial damage resulting in more costly repairs. Get your car or van into us at the first sign of trouble for an affordable fix.

Affordable Brake Changes

We keep our standards high and our prices low. However, we only use quality, manufacturer-approved and guaranteed parts. As with tyre wear, preventing problems is better than curing them. So, be sure to keep an eye on your brakes and get them changed in good time. If you think your brakes may be due for a change, then you can always pop in and see us. We can assess their condition and offer a competitive quote.

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To book your vehicle in for affordable replacement car brake discs, pads and drums in Ammanford, get in touch with us today!

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